What NOT To Do in Apartment Living

This post is presented by WaterWalk Apartments. Live the all-inclusive lifestyle today! Living in an apartment can be a beautiful thing. Your own space, conveniently located in a great part of town with all the amenities you love and deserve. However, there are always others to keep in mind: your neighbors. Whether you want to be known as the good or bad neighbor is something only you can decide. To help you be the perfect neighbor, here are a few things you should steer clear of when living in an apartment: DON’T let your dog bark at all hours of the day. We are pet friendly here at WaterWalk, but nobody wants to hear your dog howling for the nine hours you’re gone at work…no matter how cute he is.

DON’T shut the elevator door on people. If you see someone coming your way looking like this, have mercy and wait for them. You might even make a new friend


DON’T let people catch you getting all 50 Shades of Grey in the elevator. Speaking of elevators, keep the PDA to a minimum, please. Your neighbors are probably waiting until Valentine’s Day to see the movie…they don’t necessarily want a preview on their way home from a long day at work.

DON’T slam your front door obnoxiously loud. Your neighbors don’t care to know every time you come and go from your apartment.

DON’T act like Zac Efron and the Delta Psi boys in “Neighbors.” We all love to have fun, but make sure you’re being respectful of the people and families beside you.

DON’T go yodeling down the hallways. It may be customary to do it elsewhere, but I assure you no one here wants to hear you doing that.

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