June Newsletter

Grilling is regular practice for WaterWalk couple


New Hampshire natives Brian and Angela Martel love cooking outdoors, grilling steaks, corn and other favorites several times a week in the courtyard. Angela whips up marinades for the meat course, and Brian cooks.


The couple moved to Wichita and into WaterWalk last fall, after Brian received a job offer from Excel, where he works as an engineer. Angela, with a degree in wildlife ecology, was a zookeeper back home. Now a Wichita veterinary assistant, she and Brian make regular trips to the Sedgwick County Zoo (discount tickets available at front desk), which they say is a “fabulous” zoo.

The Martels recently added a new member to their family, a youngster named Indy. Indy was adopted from the Humane Society and goes to work every day with Angela.


Team member spotlight:  Marche Carter 

Most guests at WaterWalk have probably met Marche (pronounced mar-SHAY) Carter at one time or another. She’s passionate about making sure they have everything they need for an enjoyable and stress-free stay.  Carter is proud to be on a team that’s committed to first-class, 24/7 service — with extra help whenever needed.


A vibrant woman and mother of a six-year-old son, Carter previously worked at Hotel at WaterWalk before accepting her current position in February.


“I love my job because I love helping people,” she says.


We love your pets!

Bleir Beyer moved into her two-bedroom WaterWalk last fall, where she lives with her best friends: Willie Nelson and Emma. Willie is a nine-month-old Pomeranian and Emma is a nine-year-old Australian Shepherd retriever mix. The two canines “hated each other” when Willie joined the family a few months ago, but all is well now.

Beyer is the chief operating officer for Full Code CDI, a medical records coding company in nearby Clearwater, Kan.

What does she like best about her WaterWalk home?

“Everything!” she says. “Especially the way the rent is set up with everything included,” she says.

And her best friends love getting treats at the WaterWalk front desk.

High school pals reunite for a WaterWalk slumber party

There are dozens of family, high school and other reunions every year. WaterWalk proved to be perfect venue for eight high school chums planning a “slumber party” reunion weekend recently.

Rather than separate traditional hotel rooms, the women wanted to hang out in the same space, have morning coffee together in their PJs, share snacks, wine and margaritas later and talk late into the night. Most hadn’t met for many years, or since graduating high school in 1968.

They reserved a three bedroom, three bath at WaterWalk, which included WaterWalk’s signature kitchen with small and large appliances, living room and dining table. Rollaway beds were available as needed for extra sleeping space.

“It was so comfortable,” said one. “No one felt crowded. Everything was clean and new. We really appreciated the fresh fruit, yogurt and other free breakfast foods they delivered to our room. And we gave the coffeepot a workout.”

A place to call home when a loved one is ill

Our guests come from all around the world to stay with us for a variety of reasons. Some come for work projects or relocations, while others are here for family events or personal matters.

Roy and Gail Watson have become part of the WaterWalk family because Gail’s mother is in the hospital.

“While the situation isn’t optimal, we have been pleasantly surprised at the warmth and friendliness of the staff and fellow guests,” Roy says. “Our accommodations are comfortable and the location is extremely convenient.”

In fact, the Watsons have been so impressed with the WaterWalk concept that they may even consider becoming part of our franchise family. We are thinking about you during this difficult time, Roy and Gail, and we are so glad you have chosen to stay with us.

Sedgwick County Zoo discount tickets

Wichita is home to one of the most admired zoos in the country, offering special events throughout the year and wonderful wildlife encounters — from gorillas to exotic birds to endangered black rhinos. Pleasant paths throughout make a day at the zoo a delightful experience for individuals and families alike.

Stop by the front desk for discounted tickets — just $5 — and start your Wichita safari at the Sedgwick County Zoo.

In the Neighborhood 

A favorite Wichita tradition is the

Old Mill Tasty Shop at 604 E. Douglas. The oldest restaurant in downtown Wichita, this historic eating spot opened in 1932, serving chili and ice cream treats from its original marble soda counter, as well as booths and tables.

The Old Mill is just four minutes away from your WaterWalk home by car, or less than 30 minutes on foot (which could help you walk away the delicious calories you’ll consume, from custom-made malts to blue plate specials). Open for lunch weekdays 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., with extended hours to 8 p.m. when events are scheduled at the nearby Intrust Arena. Call with questions or to order takeout. Great sandwiches, fresh salads and homemade everything, best carrot cake anywhere, turtle sundaes, shakes and more.

Wichita’s public library welcomes you!

Wichita’s Central Public Library is just across the river, where you can read, relax and even get incredible bargains at the Friends of the Library bookstore, just inside the entrance. And local residency is not required to get a library card. Just bring an ID — preferably a photo ID — that shows your name and current address. Anyone with a permanent address anywhere in Kansas qualifies for full privileges. Out-of-state book lovers can borrow materials but are limited to two items at any one time.

If you don’t want to borrow books, but would enjoy access to the library’s collections, you can register for an e-card account. You get full access to the library’s online resources. Business travelers and job seekers might find this particularly useful, while anyone who reads e-books would have full access to digital collections.  Find out more: http://www.wichita.lib.ks.us/Library/Pages/BorrowersGuide.aspx.

Corporate chaplain 

Wendell Skinner is corporate chaplain for the WaterWalk International team.

“Chaplaincy is a three-fold ministry to me,’ says Skinner.  “It involves a ministry of presence – being there for people;  a ministry of caring – letting people know that I am interested in them as people; and a ministry of prayer. I maintain an active prayer list of requests that have come to me from the staff at the three hotels.  I spend roughly an hour a week at each hotel and an hour a month at WaterWalk Place.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of being a chaplain?

A: Getting to know the wonderful people that work for the three hotels (Hotel at WaterWalk, WaterWalk Hotel Apartments and Hotel at Old Town — all in Wichita).


Q:  Can you give me an example about being called upon to help someone?

A:  Talking to people about the stress in their lives. Helping them to know that I understand and that I am available to pray for them and with them.


Q: What is the process for someone living at WaterWalk to contact you?

A:  My number is available at the desk of each of the three hotels. I have let the staff know that I am available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Q: Sometimes life on the road can get lonely and stressful. Do you receive more requests from those who are unfamiliar with Wichita, and have no friends or loved ones nearby?

A: My position is primarily for the staff, but I have spoken to several individuals who are staying in the hotels, primarily to pray with them or for them. I am available to listen, counsel or pray for residents as well.


Q: What other things enrich your life?

A: In the past, I have devoted many years to youth enrichment and restorative justice issues. Currently, I am most involved in the ministries that take up most of my time.