People Are Talking…

What do our guests like about WaterWalk? Just about everything, it seems. Home runs aren’t limited to Wichita’s Lawrence Dumont Stadium, across the street!

Not only are we ranked #1 specialty hotel in Wichita, but our TripAdvisor reviews are sprinkled liberally with guest compliments:

“Feels like home….”
“Corporate move…highly recommended…”
Top shelf…”
“Great for families…”
“Nice new apartments…”
“Amazing hospitality…”
“This is the place to stay…”
“Loved it!”
“Security…was exceptional…”
“New, clean and well appointed…”

Guests especially like WaterWalk’s staff and service. These two terms were repeated throughout the TripAdvisor reviews, commenting on our helpful staff and “exceptional” customer service. In fact, in the first 11 reviews for Waterwalk, those terms were used 28 times.

We value these comments, along with daily verbal feedback from guests and guest satisfaction surveys. This information and other data provide valuable measurements in meeting and exceeding guest expectations. Meanwhile, our Waterwalk team regularly brainstorms additional ways to deliver positive guest experiences in a stress-free, easy living environment.

We’re glad guests feel at home at WaterWalk, because that is exactly the atmosphere we work hard to create. So THANK YOU to all our past guests who have left reviews…we encourage you to leave your thoughts, suggestions and lasting memories whenever you choose to stay with us at Waterwalk.

Stay at Waterwalk…and Live EASY!