Would you like your clients to have the best temporary living experience while they are in-between homes? When you refer your clients to WaterWalk Hotel Apartments, you can be assured our dedicated staff and high quality suites will deliver an exceptional experience for your client. Our Real Estate Referral Opening Promotion
provides you with an additional way to assist your client! It as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. We will contact your client, on your behalf, and explain the benefits of WaterWalk Hotel Apartments
  3. When they choose WaterWalk and meet the stay requirements, we will pay you the referral fee.

*Available on individual apartment agreements only. Valid on clients registered up to 5/15/16.

Real Estate Professionals can earn

$500 one year stay
$300 six month stay
$200 one month stay
$75 7-29 day stay