Summer Intern Housing

Summer internships are a great way to get “hands on” experience in an industry sector, or a particular career specialty, regardless of industry. You might do everything from answering phones to participating in strategy meetings. And while you may be working for free, or for a small salary, consider what employers contribute to the arrangement, outside of money matters. You get to learn on the job. They get some extra help, but also must be informal career coaches. That can be a considerable investment of time on their part.

Now, where are you going to live?

• Area colleges may have dorm rooms are available for the summer, when most students aren’t taking classes.

• Got family in the area? If so, what can you offer in exchange for a room this summer? Friends or family might welcome a temporary guest who can help out with everything from household chores to mowing the yard. Plus, everyone gets the chance to be part of a larger family unit for awhile, sharing fun times, meals and each other’s company.

• Want to be independent — and maybe on your own for the first time, instead? Consider a short term apartment lease, if they are available — furnished, or unfurnished. WaterWalk Hotel & Apartments in Wichita is a great choice for students because there is no lease requirement or deposit, and lots of extras. Think about sharing your apartment with one or two other students in a two or three-bedroom space, or a one-bedroom, all to yourself. You’ll be right in the heart of the vibrant Delano, Old Town and downtown neighborhoods and if you need help or advice on local happenings, the front desk is open 24/7.