4 Things You Hate About Hotels

Let’s be honest — life in a hotel can be difficult! From check-in to check-out, hotels are filled with hassle and inconvenience. At WaterWalk Apartments, our main goal is to help you “live easy,” so we have taken some of the things that irk us most about hotels and created our own solutions.

1) Free Breakfast.

You might be thinking, “why in the world is free breakfast a bad thing?” In most cases it’s not, but at many hotels, it certainly is. That highly-promoted “free breakfast” likely consists of muffins, toast and stale cereal, and even more annoying is the fact that you need to put pants and shoes on to go get it — and it’s only served between certain hours.

The WaterWalk Solution: With a full kitchen in your Waterwalk Apartment and our “Build Your Own Breakfast (BYOB)” program that we deliver to your apartment, you can prepare breakfast of your choice in the convenience of your own space. —

2) Free Wireless Internet.

Again you’re asking, “why in the world is free wi-fi a bad thing???” And again, in many hotels . The “free Internet” hotels offer takes about 3 hours to load one e-mail. Try winding down and watching Netflix with that kind of internet; it may take your entire stay just to watch the intro of Breaking Bad.

The WaterWalk Solution: Our apartments are designed to be as guest-friendly as possible, and we take your wi-fi connection seriously. Whether you need to get some work done, e-mail and video chat family or just veg out and binge watch your favorite TV series, we’ve got you covered with tons of bandwidth! —

3) Mini-Fridges are your worst best friend.

If you’re feeling a bit lazy and hungry for a little snack, the traditional hotel mini bar might feel like an awesome answer, but you may not feel the same way when your final room bill gets printed. That mini-bar cost you about $60 to eat till you’re full from it. But the worst part is that you don’t realize how expensive it is until its already in your mouth.

The WaterWalk Solution: We don’t do “mini” bars here at WaterWalk. All of our furnished apartments come with a full-sized refrigerator/freezer that you’re free to use how you see fit. With our free grocery shopping service, we’ll even help you stock it with affordable options. And perhaps you might be lucky and find a special welcome gift in the fridge when you arrive…on us. —

4) There’s nothing to watch!

Let’s face it: traditional cable TV at hotels just doesn’t cut it anymore. You have to wade your way through local public television, infomercials and grainy re-runs of 1990s sitcoms while you surf the channels. Looking for a good movie to watch? Good luck — most hotels still charge extra for on-demand movies.

The WaterWalk Solution: WaterWalk features DirecTV and 186 channels (including HBO, Cinemax, NFL Sunday Ticket and more!), meaning you’ll never have trouble finding something good to watch. Whether it’s a quality movie, your favorite weekly comedy or your favorite team’s big game, you will never miss out when you stay with us. We can even throw in a bag of popcorn if you need one!

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