WaterWalk February Newsletter

February 2015

WaterWalk Hotel & Apartments president Jon Wohlfert holds a bottle of Arkansas River water as his Wichita team cheers the official christening of the property. WaterWalk has 35 additional franchise sites in various stages of development. Construction is planned within six months in three key cities, most likely: Tulsa, Okla., Louisville, Ky., and San Antonio.
WaterWalk Hotel Apartments president Jon Wohlfert holds a bottle of Arkansas River water as his Wichita team cheers the official christening of the property. WaterWalk has 35 additional franchise sites in various stages of development. Construction is planned within six months in three key cities, most likely: Tulsa, Okla., Louisville, Ky., and San Antonio.

WaterWalk neighbor & fitness pro offers tips for healthier 2015

SteveChrapkowskiSteve Chrapkowski earned a BS in Health Sciences from Friends University. He is certified by the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers. He shares a three­bedroom WaterWalk apartment with two friends. His mom and two sisters taught him to cook, for which his roommates are grateful.

With the start of every New Year — and lots of times in between — many of us want to set healthy living goals. But where to begin — again? The formula is simple: increase physical activity and eat healthier foods. Executing that simple formula is the challenging part. Here’s from one of WaterWalk’s own.

Steve Chrapkowski, a certified personal trainer and healthy living coach, has helped people of all ages to feel better, build muscle, lose weight and get stronger. The key, says Chrapkowski, is to recognize what works best for you — which may not include the latest group workout or preparing for a marathon.

Start by setting reasonable goals you can build upon, like small nutrition changes, short walks and simple stretches. Or take advantage of your free membership to Genesis Health Club at the Wichita Ice Center, adjacent to our WaterWalk campus.


WWA: Downtown and Delano, easy access to Kellogg, all­-inclusive rent.

Wichita: Being close to my family,and close to Derby, where I grew up.

“I’ve worked with everyone from 12-­year­-old baseball players to older adults. It’s important to take a personal approach for each individual,” he says. “Athletes may want to get better at their sport. Someone else might want functional improvements that directly impact their daily lives, like getting up easily from a chair, or lifting a bag into the airplane overhead compartment.”

Nutrition is equally important. You’ve heard it before: less fat and sugar, more green, yellow and orange vegetables and whole grains. Hint: Start by throwing out sugary, fatty, delicious leftover holiday treats and goodies! Better to land in the disposal, not on your bathroom scale readout.


MonarchThe Monarch is one of our favorite hangouts in Delano at 579 W. Douglas, next to the clock tower. There is a nice choice of appetizers, sandwiches and sides, a bourbon and cocktail menu, several beers on tap and a fun atmosphere.


Show your WaterWalk keycard for a 20% discount on food 

Newlyweds choose Wichita stopover on way to the next big thing

Faith and Darian Tomkiewicz don’t mind a long work commute: they love WaterWalk and Wichita.
Faith and Darian Tomkiewicz don’t mind a long work commute: they love WaterWalk and Wichita.

 No matter where you live in Wichita, getting from home to work is usually a short drive. It’s one of the nice things about living here. But Faith and Darian Tomkiewicz moved to our town in November, knowing that Faith would have a 150­mile or so daily work commute to Oklahoma. Yet, neither is complaining. The newlyweds wanted to live in a larger city while considering their next path, when Faith retires in a year or so.

Faith is a personal banker for Central National Bank & Trust in Blackwell, Okla. Darian has worked in the water and wastewater industry for 20 years, and continues part­time consulting.

“We wanted to get away from small town life,” says Faith. “This is my first time in a rental,” and she wanted to live in a “brand new” space.

Semi­retired Darian has rented in the past, and calls WaterWalk the “best rental experience” he’s ever had. The couple’s second bedroom serves as an office.



WW: Service centered, friendly culture and a team “that puts up with” Darian’s jokes. Also: location, and secure, gated property.

Wichita: Entertainment and dining choices, bigger city with a small­town feel.

After work and on weekends, Darian and Faith are busy exploring restaurants, nightlife and local attractions, especially in nearby downtown, Delano and Old Town neighborhoods. They enjoy walks along the river and the downtown skyline.

“The view is wonderful, and everyone on the WaterWalk staff is fantastic, so helpful and accommodating,” says Faith.

They have taken advantage of their free membership to the adjacent Genesis Health Club and Wichita Ice Center, available to all guests. Cardio workouts and weight lifting have already paid off. Along with feeling better overall, each has lost weight: Faith is down 13 pounds, Darian 18.

As the Tomkiewicz’ take stock and contemplate their next adventure, Darian says, “My main job is taking care of my wife,” cooking for her and sometimes keeping her company on the Oklahoma commute. He also is researching various business opportunities and embracing carefree apartment life, especially WaterWalk’s concierge services. Darian wants to pursue something different from his current profession.

They agree on one key dealmaker: weather.

“Eventually, we want to end up in a state where we never see snow again,” Darian laughs.

WaterWalk Life: Information for Everybody

Maintenance services

Need help with an appliance that’s not working? Our maintenance gurus can respond to non­ emergency issues within 24 hours or less during the week. For emergencies, such as a waterline break, our maintenance manager is on­call 24/7. Dial 0 for help!

We love your pets

You’ll see many well-­loved pets around our apartment campus. Remember to leash your buddy for strolls inside or outside the building. We have a pet walking area outside the lobby entrance, complete with a pet “cleanup station” comprised of plastic bags and a waste container. We are in the process of adding additional stations. We don’t mind where you walk your dog if it’s leashed, and if you clean up after Fido.

Anytime snacks

Sodas, bottled water, snacks and candy bars are available at the vending machine in the south building. Dollar bills or exact change, or a credit card, is required. Sorry, but we can’t provide change in the office.

Hang ups

Want to personalize your apartment with art, framed photographs or posters, etc.? Go for it: It’s ok to nail picture hangers to your walls. 


BeccaWaterWalk team member Becca Knox and her one­ year-­old Shetland sheep dog, AKA Daisy Mae, take a break from playing in the snow. A big­time animal lover, Becca earned an AA in animal science at Pratt Community College. She is an Augusta, Kan., native who is passionate about dogs, horses, the environment and working at WaterWalk. After exploring other jobs, including working as a pipeline welder’s helper in Wyoming, she joined the WaterWalk team a few months ago.“I never thought I’d like hospitality,” she says, “but I love it, especially helping our guests.”



Paying rent the easy way

You received a login name (your email address) and password when signing your lease. That’s all you need to sign into our optional online payment portal. Activating your account is easy.

Payments can made from a checking account or via a bank debit card. You may also pay with a credit card, for an additional fee. If you’ve forgotten your password or need help, just let us know. Get started here.

Don’t waste time on rubbish

Who wants to haul trash to the dumpster? That’s not a fun chore in any weather, especially when it’s Kansas­cold outside! So let us do it for you. Leave trash just inside your apartment entrance, and put a WaterWalk magnet on your metal doorframe. If no one answers (if you’re sleeping late or not at home): no worries. If the magnet is on the door, we’ll lean in, grab your trash and go. Plans for adding recycling options are in the works. We’ll keep you posted.

Package deliveries

When the post office delivers mail, the carrier will leave a key in your mailbox if you receive a package. The key will unlock one of the large parcel boxes below. If a package is too large to fit, it will be delivered to guest services. Deliveries from FedEx, UPS or carriers also come to guest services. We’ll be glad to sign on your behalf and deliver all packages to your apartment, even if you aren’t home. We can also hold them for pick­up, if you prefer.

Wall­mounted televisions

If you need a TV mounted to the wall, let us know. Wall­mounted TVs must be installed by our maintenance team. There is no charge for this service. You’ll need to provide the necessary mounting hardware that is specified for your television. We can usually respond to installation requests within 48 hours, Monday – Friday.



You call: we pick it up — in addition to your regular weekly service.

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow…

Our appointed rounds include delivering your mail and packages. If you prefer pick­ up at guest services, let us know.

Need a ride?

Our shuttle service is available whether you are headed to the airport (or returning) or the grocery store.

Build your own breakfast!

If you haven’t provided your email address to us yet, please do so. We’ll then email you a link for ordering your breakfast favorites online, which are then delivered weekly.

Need supplies?

When we empty trash and clean your apartment each week, we also replenish amenities, paper towels, laundry detergent and dryer sheets, dishwasher and dish soap. If you run out of anything in the meantime, dial 0 and we’ll take care of it.


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