WaterWalk combines the best of both a corporate apartment and an extended stay hotel with the space you would find in an apartment and the services and amenities of an upscale hotel.

Life is easy at WaterWalk with all-inclusive living and a team that’s here for you 24/7. Our flexible terms have no upfront fees or deposits. All utilities, internet and DirecTV are on and ready to enjoy!

What Our Guests Have To Say

  What a GREAT experience. The staff is AWESOME! After staying here we are completely spoiled. "

  The best complimentary breakfast program ever. They stocked our fridge with foods we ordered...no more breakfast buffet"

  My experience staying here was nothing short of awesome. I highly recommend it. This will become the standard by which you compare other apartments, extended stay hotels or corporate apartments."

  I recently stayed at the WaterWalk for an extended stay. The apartment is large and the team, from top to bottom, is warm and sincere."

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WaterWalk provides immediate rewards via:

  • Wichita
  • Denver
  • San Antonio
  • Dallas - Las Colinas
  • Dallas - Richardson
  • Overland Park (Coming Soon)
  • Raleigh (Coming Soon)

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